Why do we love Manjaro

For punctuality

They had a TLS certificate expire, and they did not come up with anything better than to advise users to roll back their system clock.

Then the certificate expired again.

After having the certs expire two times, they've learned their lesson and never let it happen again.

For honesty

Instead of admitting to their own mistakes, they just removed all mentions about these incidents. (That is why all links above are to web.archive.org)

For the pursuit of excellence

Continuous winner of «The Hackiest Update Script of the Year».

With this very same script they achieved the critical vulnerability in the system. Stellar as always.

For wisdom

The Manjaro Team suggests users to perform a partial upgrade which are unsupported and can end up breaking your system.

What about deleting the package database lock file in the middle of the update?

Their modules cleanup script runs rm on modules directory.

The script also runs pacman -Q | grep when pacman already natively supports querying for packages.

For integrity

Expense was submitted for a €2000 laptop with discussion between only Philip Müller and the person wanting the laptop. It was rejected by their treasurer as the policy had not been followed.

Phil was unhappy about the rejection and the additional questions that appeared about how community funds would be used. As a consequence treasurer is no longer treasurer, leaving Phil in control of all funds once again and he is now in a position to use community funds as he sees fit.

Philip Müller is a CEO of Manjaro and the laptop in question is Lenovo Legion 5 with specs bumped to 64GB RAM and 2TB SSD, this is necessary for developing a new backup concept.


If you're considering using Manjaro because you want to use Arch Linux, you should install Arch Linux. Make sure to only follow the official installation guide, and not any other guide, article, or youtube video you find.

If you want a rolling release distro, or you don't like Arch Linux, you can checkout OpenSUSE Tumbleweed.

If you want a beginner friendly and stable distro, you can checkout Fedora or OpenSUSE Leap.